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Addiction Rehab in Illinois

In the state of Illinois resides an estimate of 12,900,000 individuals. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) states that roughly 771,000 people over the age of 18 received treatment for illicit drug or alcohol dependence this last year. Having general education of the life detriment and consequences of addiction are important in getting help with addiction rehab. More importantly, understanding that addiction is a mental disorder will encourage support and wellness to the impacted individuals.

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Rehab and Treatment Services

Finding a rehabilitation center to receive extensive treatment service for addiction is a positive life changing decision. The nature of addiction provides a continual threat of relapse to substance use. Rehabilitation services and treatment methods are available and known to prevail over addiction. During rehabilitation, a person’s needs will change frequently and in order for treatment to be effective those needs must be met. To make sure an individual’s needs are met, a person will be evaluated and receive supportive treatment through a plan personalized to him or her. In addition to a personalized plan, there are multifaceted treatment methods provided to ensure effective rehabilitation and recovery from substance abuse.

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Signs of Addiction

Addiction afflicts many individuals each day and can happen to anyone in Illinois. The mental disorder of addiction highly impacts individuals through psychological and physical damage. In view of this, here are a few signs of addiction that indicate the existence of addiction; Physical signs include, but are not limited to: alteration in sleeping patterns, rapid changes in appetite, frequent daydreaming, changes in pupil size, excessive hyperactivity, sweating and shakiness. Likewise, the emotional and behavior changes may include: paranoia, secrecy, chronic dishonesty, lack of motivation, decreased energy, nervousness, irritability, loss of interest in important life matters and loss of interest in loved ones. Although these physical, emotional and behavioral signs are very common in an individual in Illinois who may have a drug or alcohol addiction, symptoms of addiction do not fit into one specific category. Paying close attention to any behavior that may indicate addiction could save your life or another’s life. Whether you are certain or unsure to seek out help, treatment through rehabilitation can benefit your life.

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Inpatient rehab has the best success rate and is strongly recommended. Patients in these programs stay under medical supervision around the clock. This makes the treatment more expensive and less convenient, but for severe addictions it is far more effective than other approaches.

Outpatient treatment, on the other hand, is more affordable and tailored to less serious cases. These plans typically allow the patient to go home at night and on the weekends, making them ideal for people who need time for family or career obligations while still getting their addiction under control. 

Regaining Your Life Through Rehab 

Once your body is clean, you can begin the therapeutic stage of rehab. When deciding on a rehab facility, it is important to remember that every addiction is different, and thus no one recovery plan is suitable for every addict. Look for a facility that will design a plan customized for you. 

Our Treatment Methods Can Help

Individuals cornered by the mental disorder of addiction face restrictions in every aspect of their daily lives. In addition to the different levels of substance dependence, a person in Illinois seeking recovery from substances can receive support and benefit from treatment in addiction rehab. Rehabilitation and treatment proves to restrict by effective treatment methods and positive influence.

The adversity of addiction plagues individuals and families with distress. A cure for this mental disorder does not exist, however treatments are available. People who are able to find willingness to enter rehabilitation and receive treatment often times have success in recovery from addiction. If you are feeling controlled by addiction or know someone in Illinois who is, we can help. Evidence and fact based addiction treatment offer services to achieve recovery 815-384-1376 .

Group therapy is another powerful tool for achieving sobriety. This type of therapy fosters mutual support and can help an addict to feel normal in a group without having to use drugs or alcohol. It is also much easier to share and relate to others when you know they have been down the same path. 


The Time Is Now 

Each day you let pass without seeking help is another day your addiction wins. Drugs and alcohol have controlled your life for long enough. You can find the right recovery treatment for you by calling 815-384-1376 now. As long as you are alive, there is still hope for you to get clean. 

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