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Treatment for Substance Addiction

Substance addiction treatment gives individuals a chance to start over or regain their lives on a healthy footing, free from alcohol and drug use. The ideal program will keep you engaged and in treatment for the extent of time you need to achieve abstinence and recovery. You may be thinking “how do I know if the length of time in treatment is sufficient for me?” The duration of treatment varies depending on an individual’s progress, as well as, an initial evaluation of substance usage. Overall, the outcome of treatment relies on the nature and extent of issues, the right treatment program for your needs, quantity and quality of the services provided.

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Effective Treatment Methods

Treatment centers provide care with a wide-range of licensed addiction specialists. Addiction specialists include doctors, therapists, nurses, social workers and many more. The diverse staff of specialists will evaluate your situation and work together in effective treatment methods for your addiction. A common observation of people in treatment for addiction is co-occurring disorders, also known as, comorbidity. Comorbidity refers to the presence of two or more chronic conditions or disorders in an individual. Treating addiction as a classified mental disorder alone does not always suffice. Many people in treatment for addiction are diagnosed with additional mental disorders aside from addiction. Successful, long-term treatment hinges on the ability of the staff to treat co-occurring disorders.

Ideally treatment combined with therapeutic methods and medication will produce effective addiction treatment. However, each person in Aurora, IL is different and the combination of both therapy and medication will not work for everyone. The diversity of behavioral therapeutic methods helps to meet several types of people’s needs. Some therapeutic methods are: focusing on motivation for change; offering positive incentives to end substance use entirely; skill building to prevent relapse; skill improvement and development for problem-solving; personal relationship building; and substituting substance use activities for productive, rewarding and healthy activities.

On the other hand, medication management provides support to individuals throughout each stage of treatment. Psychiatric doctors alter medication to meet your needs at each different stage, beginning with the detoxification stage (end use), to stay in treatment and to prevent relapse. However, for effectiveness medication management behavioral therapeutic methods and counseling must be combined.

The Treatment Process for People in Aurora, IL

Several treatment services are offered and cover a diverse range of components necessary to achieve recovery. All addiction treatment methods offered are scientifically approaches and evidence based. To start treatment, most people in Aurora, IL begin the stage of detoxification, which involves medical management to go through any withdrawal symptoms. After the detoxification stage you will be assessed and then start the second stage of your treatment program. Generally, the second stage weighs the psychological, behavioral and social deficits that connect with addiction.

The standard treatment methods offered are short-term residential, inpatient and outpatient programs. Short term residential is very similar to inpatient programs, offering approximately one to three months of a stabilized treatment environment. Outpatient programing varies in offered services and often times more ideal for individuals with heavy social and job responsibilities. However, an outpatient methods are usually less intensive and its effectiveness will vary on a person’s needs.

The therapeutic treatment programs offered are individual, group and family counseling; behavioral therapies: Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing and incentives. Substance use disorder treatment delivers several varied approaches that mainly consist of counseling, case management, behavior therapies, medication and additional types of services.

Hope for Addiction

Rehabilitation for substance use disorder provides hope for a new life, free from drugs and alcohol. Treatment services assist individuals in Aurora, IL in regaining a sense of self, while exploring his or her personal skill sets and traits. Therapeutic treatment methods are also educational and teach individuals how to best handle stressful situation and prevent possible relapse. Call us today and start being in charge your life again (815) 384-1376 .

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