Alcohol Rehab

Rehab for Alcohol Addiction for Those in Aurora, IL

Alcohol addiction threatens lives and the welfare of many individuals and their families. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recorded that 87.6 percent of individuals age 18 and older have consumed alcohol at one point in their life. Consequently, a rough estimate of 90,000 people dies annually on a national level from alcohol related deaths. Rehab for alcohol use disorder increases a person’s chance at living a happy and healthy life free of drinking alcohol.

Do I Have Alcohol Use Disorder?

According to The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) recognizes Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) as a condition under medical classification when a person’s drinking that inflicts pain and distress. NIAAA also reports that alcohol use disorder impacts approximately 16.3 million adults (age 18 and up). This appalling number of people continues to increase significantly each day, especially on an annual basis.

If you find yourself questioning your ability to manage your alcohol use, here are a few common symptoms that meet the criteria of alcohol use disorder. If you have consumed more alcohol for a period of time longer than planned. If you experience an overwhelming need, urge and craving to consume alcohol and continuing to drink despite any consequences due to neglect of responsibilities. And if you; experience frequent aftereffects of drinking or withdrawal symptoms of alcohol. Aside from the few symptoms and experiences listed, there are several additional occurrences that also meet the criteria for alcohol use disorder. Whether your consumption of alcohol or sprees seems minor or severe and are suspicious of a possible concern for your wellbeing and if you find yourself drinking often, treatment can benefit you.

Effective Treatment for Alcohol Use

Occasional consumption of alcohol holds the potential to turn optional enjoyment from drinking into desperation and powerless, obsessive drinking serious use disorder stresses a high probability of chronic relapse of alcohol use. Today, thanks to dedicated scientific research on the disorder of alcohol use, effective treatment methods for epople in Aurora, IL have developed. Treatment methods available for alcohol use disorder are evidence and fact based. Furthermore, treatment designed to meet your needs has been found to encourage long-term recovery. Individualized treatment provides a way for you to never need to drink or be controlled by drinking again. Treatment individualized to meet specific needs, is evaluated by our licensed medical specialists. Provided consent is given, Specialists evaluate various aspects of your life such as, alcohol use, drinking history, psychiatric, medical and social issues. Alcohol use treatment provides an assortment of services. Services primarily consist of: alcohol detoxification, psychiatric, psychological, behavioral, social and many more.

Begin Recovery from Alcohol

Alcohol use disorder unremorsefully threatens lives and the positive spirit of many individuals and their families. Individuals in Aurora, IL with alcohol use disorder lose the ability to manage the frequency and amount they drink. Unable to manage alcohol consumption, the disorder of alcohol use commonly intrudes into many different aspects of one’s life. If the consumption of alcohol is creating any harm whatsoever in your life, please call and speak to an addiction specialist about treatment for alcohol  815 384-1376.