Benefits of Attending to Alumni Network in Addiction Treatment Center

Support is one of the foundations for a long-term recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. Yes, family and friends are always there, but staying in touch with the individuals who went through or had the same experience as you (your alumni network) can prove essential.

Staying in touch with your fellow recovered addicts or alumnus in rehab means that you will be supported by the individuals who understand what you have experienced. They will understand the alcohol and drug treatment that you have gone through, and also know the therapists or professionals who have treated you.

After one of your most difficult moments in life, most treatment centers and drug addiction intervention centers offer some type of alumni program that can keep you connected with the people who have helped you through rehab. Alumni programs may vary, depending on the drug rehab center, and can offer the following: Regular Alumni, Alumni Reunion, Workshops, Special Alumni status, and Connections to other alumni member on social networking sites.

So what are the benefits of joining an alumni network? There are many benefits in joining your alcohol and drug rehab centers alumni network including:

Shared connection

The bond or connection you have with other alumni, whether or not you knew them during your time in treatment, is the one thing you won’t find anywhere else.


Being and staying connected to an alumni network can help you stay motivated in being sober. Knowing that you have a weekly support group to attend to, or someone who you can always call if you have problem: these things decrease the risk of you relapsing.


Maybe other people’s time in rehab was not identical to yours; but, they still understand the things that you have experienced. They know what it is like and what you went through. Alumni also understand the struggles that you have faced during your recovery. So, being connected with them can help you find someone to trust when you just need someone to talk to.

Sober Community

Returning home after your drug addiction therapy can give you a lonely feeling of solitude, especially if most of your close friends are not clean or sober. An alumni network is there to provide you a sober community, so that you can have people who share the joys of your new life.

It’ll be Fun Keeping in Touch

There are times when it’s just fun to stay in touch with persons who share the same experiences as you. When you were in drug rehab, you must have grown close to some people and just want to check in with them on occasion. This can help you maintain those connections and make those bonds stronger.

Don’t overlook the importance of an alumni network after you have completed your addiction recovery rehab. It may be the one thing that will help you stay motivated and sober.