If My Family Can’t Afford Treatment, What Would I Do?

Looking for alcohol and drug abuse treatment rehabilitation can be discouraging when family members are incapable to aid financially. But that doesn’t mean you are out of alternatives when seeking help. Now, there are lots of ways people with limited funds can afford treatment programs and services. Here are some lists of options that may be helpful to you:

Talk To Your Doctor

Though family and friends may be unable to help you with the cost of your treatment, it doesn’t imply that you do not have their support. In some instances, you may find that your family is supportive of your decision, but may not have the resources available to support you with your treatment needs.

Before you accept that you don’t have the access to addiction treatment rehabilitation, you may ask your doctor. The doctor may be able to aid by giving details about non –profit organizations or institutions that provide support for drug abuse.

It depends on the area that you were living and the addiction treatment rehabilitation facilities that are offered the number of low-cost or free selections may differ.

Read your Health Insurance Policy

You may not need such financial assistance from your family, if you have the health insurance. Some health insurance companies provide coverage for drug abuse services, the right amount that is covered and the duration of time available may differ.

Analyze well your health insurance information to determine if assistance is offered from the provider. Some insurers may just cover the outpatient rehab programs or a partial of the budget of treatment; determine the percentage that is featured under your policy.

Solutions Through The Facility

Addiction treatment experts and professionals are mindful of the challenges that you may face financially. They also know that there are various reasons why loved ones are unable to support in paying for the treatment programs.  Solutions are sometimes available through the facility itself to help lessen the treatment cost.

It depends on the program and the addiction treatment rehabilitation facilities; there may be plans for payment available to help lessen the treatment cost. It is better to ask about available financing solutions.

Consider Outpatient Treatment

If you think you can’t afford inpatient rehab treatment, then an outpatient rehab program may be suitable for your needs. The program does not need that you break your work or place your duties and responsibilities on hold. Instead, you will go to the treatment rehab provider for treatment and services at certain days and times, while you keep in residing at home.

The cost of an outpatient rehab is lower than in inpatient rehab treatment programs it is worth considering this as alternatives if finances are a challenge in receiving the proper addiction treatment. Options are Available

As they say, “If there’s a will, there’s a way”. Though seeking drug abuse treatment is very challenging financially; there are some options that are offered to make treatment within your means. Even though your loved ones are unable to pay for treatment, options are still available. To find out more about the price of treatment options, you may contact us today for free and confidential assessment.