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Addiction Treatment with United Healthcare

United Healthcare Treatment is a massive insurance company headquartered out of Minnesota. Being a large company, they have many different coverage options for customers all across the country. For residents of Illinois, there are two main products to consider when seeking substance abuse treatment. In addition, the specific details of each plan may be slightly different based on your unique circumstances. Nevertheless, we want to make this process as simple as can be for future patients.

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Know Your Insurance Coverage

Offering three various insurance plans will give you multiple choices when it comes to choosing your health plan. You will be able to find a plan that is best for you and your wallet. You can choose a plan with a lower deductible or premium. There is a plan that will fit your needs. Many patients do not utilize insurance and pay for treatment in other ways.


The Short-Term Health Insurance plan was designed primarily to bridge gaps in healthcare coverage. This way, you can rest assured that your insurance will be accepted for all of the right services you need. Deductibles and coinsurance payments may still need to be made, depending on the situation. Usually, substance abuse is covered under most healthcare plans. However, addiction treatment services may not be covered specifically by Short-Term Health Insurance from United Healthcare. Reach out to your insurance agent to see whether substance abuse treatment can be covered for you. No matter what your situation is, there are alternatives, such as other plans provided by United Healthcare.


With Fixed Indemnity Insurance, clients do not have to pay a single deductible. Instead, coverage starts with the first dollar spent on the insurance plan premiums. In other words, don’t worry about paying for the care that you receive. As with most insurance plans, the exact benefits will depend on the individual agreement between you and your insurance provider. Substance abuse treatment may not be covered under this plan as well, so reach out to your insurance and learn what services you can get. We’re available to assist you in sorting out all of this information during this difficult time, so do not give up if you do not have any health insurance. 

Alternatives to Insurance

United Healthcare provides two distinct but similar plans. This way, the process of picking an insurance plan doesn’t have to distract from the other challenges of getting your life in order. However, there are patients who do not have access to insurance or don’t have substance abuse treatment covered under their plans. It can be extremely hard finding other payment options and keeping hope, but we can help. Here’s a summary of the important insurance information, as well as whom to call to learn more.


Medicare and Medicaid are sometimes able to help cover the cost of addiction treatment. The best advantage of Medicare and Medicaid is that several rehab centers in almost every major city will accept both as forms of payment. Whether you need inpatient or outpatient care, Medicare could help provide necessary medical care if you qualify. Luckily, substance abuse treatment is covered by Medicaid in the state of Illinois specifically. Keep in mind that there is no actual Medicare benefit category for drug and alcohol addiction. Regardless, substance abuse treatment is covered under Medicare and Medicaid when it is reasonable and necessary


Insurance companies themselves will often have an addiction or mental health section of their website where you can read about covered treatments. An insurance representative should be able to walk you through your personal coverage plan for substance abuse as well. It is also possible to look for a specific facility and see if it is covered by your insurance provider.

Don’t forget that insurance problems don’t have to keep you from getting sober and healthy again. Call us today at 815-384-1376 and get started on a life changing rehab program.

Get Treated, No Matter What

Having a quick synopsis of all the necessary information helps people thinking about rehab know where to take their first steps toward recovery. Also, the simplified choice of plans from United Healthcare is a big advantage when figuring out your finances. United Healthcare also has different levels to their major overage plans. Considering this, reach out to your insurance and see what payment options exist to you.


Insurance doesn’t have to be the final say as to whether you receive addiction care or not. Medicare and Medicaid exist to help individuals without insurance pay for treatments at little to no cost. Meanwhile, assisted payment plans and sliding fee scale services exist to help financially limited clients. In short, there are many different ways to pay for your vital treatment.

Your background and bank account doesn’t get to determine whether you can start healing from addiction yet. At the end of the day, your physical and mental health should be top priority. If you want to take your life back into your hands and learn more about rehab programs, then call us today at 815-384-1376.

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