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Addiction Treatment and Jail in Illinois

Drug addiction is something that has seen an increase nationwide, particularly when it comes to opiates and methamphetamines. For our communities, throwing the victims of drug addiction into jail doesn’t cure the root problem of addiction. Therefore, state programs in Illinois like Rehabilitation Alternative Probation, or RAP for short, offer those arrested on drug charges to enter into substance abuse treatment at rehab center, as opposed to being sent to prison. Programs like this have helped drug users finally achieve a life of sobriety and stability.

The Drug Court Treatment Program is an option for nonviolent offenders on probation who have been arrested again for felony drug possession. However, this program is highly structured with close monitoring of each patient, so not everyone will qualify. Over 40% of people entered into the RAP program have successfully completed it. In other words, if you have the personal dedication to get sober and control your life again, then you will have the opportunity to. 82% of qualifying individuals have entered RAP for treatment, so don’t worry about whether you will be accepted or not.

In short, if you are arrested on probation, jail is not your only option. Read more about drug addiction on our Drug Rehab page and understand what you can do to get clean.

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A Common Problem of Addiction Treatment in Jail

While criminal drug use has been an issue in Illinois for a long time, the state response of drug addiction treatment has been relatively more recent. For instance, the RAP program was started in 1998 to reduce the effect that drugs and alcohol had on the court and prison system in the state of Illinois. Consequently, the recidivism rates for 3 years after completing the program have decreased by 84%. In other words, RAP has shown to effectively keep clients away from drugs, prison, and addiction for good.

The Consequences of Drug Addiction in Illinois

Many dangerous drugs have infested the streets of Illinois and damaged countless lives. Meanwhile, important programs like RAP can help drug addicts remove themselves from a life of addiction and get started down a life of pride and accomplishment.


Now that you know what RAP is, you may be interested in the details of what the program is like for those who are in it. RAP is a program where the patients are closely looked after by medical and addiction professionals. However, the exact level of attention and observation given to each member depends on the severity of addiction and relevant legal proceedings. There are two types of alternative probation programs: RAP for men, and WRAP for female drug arrestees on probation. The program lasts for two years, and includes the following:

  • Substance abuse treatment
  • Frequent urinalysis tests
  • Court appearances before the drug court judge
  • Regular reports to a probation officer
  • Self-help support groups

Other services, treatments, or counseling may be required by the drug court team. Additionally, there are four different phases to the program. Each person must pass each phases before moving onto the next one, and eventually graduating. Every individual has to stay in the first three phases of the program for at least 120 days in order to ensure full treatment and participation. Finally, the last phase is a minimum of 180 days in total. The phases have their own unique drug addiction treatments and personal goals for the enrollee to accomplish. By going through these phases, the individual begins to experience life sober and learns how to stay clean while achieving their independence.


Drug addiction can lead to a large number of health problems. On top of that, the prevalence of drugs in Illinois streets has risen over the last few decades. In particular, opiate usage including Heroin and Fentanyl have skyrocketed, as it has nationwide. It’s important to be informed as to how severe your addiction is. Also, long term addicts who use with any frequency will notice certain adverse symptoms such as:

  • The need to use the drug daily to several times a day
  • Taking much larger doses regularly over time
  • Spending money on the drug even if you can’t afford it
  • Stopping social or work activities because of drug use
  • Criminal behavior in order to pay for or acquire drugs
  • Failing in your attempts to stop using the substance
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you attempt to quit

If you are suffering from any of the above symptoms or behaviors, then seek help for addiction right away by calling the number at the bottom of this page. Sadly, long term and addictive drug usage can lead to an increased risk of homelessness, overdose, and even death. Nevertheless, there is still hope to get rid of your addiction and go back to living a normal life. Reach out to those who can help and never forget that there are ways of getting drug addiction treatment.


Lawmakers wanted some way of helping those arrested on drug charges, while at the same time trying to prevent nonviolent drug offenders from being sent into the prison system. As a result, Illinois today has seen statistical progress in the fight against drug addiction:

  • Over 84% of qualifying applicants were placed into RAP within 14 days of their arrest
  • 57% of people have completed jail-based residential treatment before being released from custody

Programs like this serve as a way of getting out of a life of drug addiction and crime. Therefore, anyone on probation in the state of Illinois who needs a drug addiction treatment option has one instead of jail. Thus, make sure that you reach out and secure the stability that you need.

How to Overcome Drug Addiction

If drug addiction threatens to take you back to prison, then know that there are addiction treatment options available besides jail. The state of Illinois provided RAP to help drug addicts instead of committing them to a life of crime and incarceration. Therefore, consider if a program like RAP is something that you could use in your life.

The alternative rehabilitation is designed to monitor your progress as you transition to sober civilian life, while still treating your withdrawal symptoms under the caring protection of medical staff. At the end of the day, your health and safety should be the most important thing. RAP can help you get back on your feet through the careful four phase process. If you have been arrested on probation and need drug addiction treatment, then RAP may be for you.

Whichever program ends up helping you get clean and sober, remember that your personal health is what matters. The symptoms of drug addiction are serious, so consider what drug addiction program you may need. Keeping your health in mind, get help today by calling 402-268-9960 to set up your path to recovery.

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