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The Addiction Problem in Aurora, IL

Aurora, IL is known as the “City of Lights” because it was among the first cities in America to get electric street lights in the late 1800’s. This city is also known for its serious heroin crisis. Many residents in Aurora are victims of the heroin and cocaine that is coming out of the Chicago area. In fact, heroin has become increasingly available in quantity and higher purity, and is distributed between Cook County and King County. This network of roads has been dubbed the “Heroin Highway” because of the high rate of drug transport. Also, use of fentanyl, a synthetic opioid, has increased in popularity in that region, and many drug dealers mix this dangerous substance with other materials they are selling.

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Being near a big city like Chicago means that Aurora’s residents are the bystanders in a huge global drug trade. Here are some of the following drugs sold by drug traffickers in northern Illinois, and all of these drugs can be treated at an addiction treatment center:

  • Heroin
  • Powdered/Crack Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Methamphetamine
  • Opiates and Synthetic Opioids

Illegal drugs in Illinois get distributed by organized gangs, and are sent to vulnerable people in our communities. Therefore, the best way to end the dangerous drug crisis in our communities is to help each other find the resources to get treated.

Cocaine and heroin are growing problems for the Aurora community. Fortunately, Chicago being nearby means that there are many rehab centers to look for. Shockingly, approximately 6% of Cook County residents are estimated to be hardcore users of cocaine or heroin. If you know someone in the greater Aurora, IL area struggling with addiction and needs help, tell them that we can help them find the best care. Reach out to us today at 402-267-9960 and get in touch with an addiction professional.

Leaving Aurora May Be a Good Option for Addiction Treatment

When considering where to see treatment for addiction, location is an important part of your rehab experience. Going to a new city for rehab care might be best for those wanting to get away from home. Meanwhile, other people may find staying near family is a great motivator for getting through treatment. Around a dozen rehab facilities exist in the town of Aurora itself. Many potential patients might find themselves driving to nearby Naperville or Chicago to get the help they need. Thus, being able get a break from the towns where their addictions started is a great benefit to many former addicts.

Why Travel for Addiction Treatment

The rehab center choices in Aurora itself are fairly limited. Therefore, patients will have to commute to nearby Naperville or find a center in the greater Chicago area. By getting away from regular routines, traveling for rehab makes it seem like this is a new chapter of life. In that regard, some patients see the peace and solitude of a faraway rehab center as a benefit during their addiction recovery.

Drugs like cocaine, heroin, and meth are readily available on the streets of Aurora, and one of the big risks for rehab patients everywhere is the temptation to use drugs during or shortly after the program. Consequently, a treatment center outside of your hometown may shield you from the people and places that would push you to reuse.

Many addicts dream of someday being able to move past their problems and find a new life full of happiness. Receiving treatment outside of Aurora allows for an unmatched amount of attentive and personal care. Similarly, traveling for treatment helps keep you involved and committed to the idea of becoming sober one day. Addiction is a fight we should all be helping each other on, so think about if remote rehab centers are right for you.

Benefits of Remote Treatment

There are many reasons to seek addiction care outside of your area. For instance, here are a few others reasons why a long commute to treatment may be right for you:

  • Statistically, traveling to a remote location increased the likelihood of completing the program
  • Opportunity to receive better care in other areas
  • Protected privacy
  • Time and space away from familiar surroundings
  • Emphasizing sobriety as a new start in your life
  • A compassionate zone with other recovering addicts

Some centers even offer domestic abuse, religious, and behavioral therapy service to those in need. However, each rehab location will have its own services to offer clients. Nevertheless, medical professionals will be standing by ready to help you.

Local Addiction Treatment Options Available

Knowing what types of treatment there are and which one to choose is an important part of rehabilitation from addiction. With this in mind, we want to give you all the information you need. It’s important to make the soundest decision for your health. Here are examples of some of the different types of rehab services available in the Aurora, IL area:

  • In patient residential care is offered nearby in Naperville, IL
  • Standard and intensive treatment is available in Aurora
  • Facilities with short and long term residential services exist in Aurora
  • Opioid treatment programs and detoxification are offered at specific centers in Aurora


While some of the services above may be found in Aurora, take note that a much wider selection of services exists nearby in Chicago as well, so don’t ever assume that you have run out of addiction treatment options. Whatever center you choose, make sure that it is accredited to treat drug users, and be sure that they employ science-based medical practices. In addition, Medicare and Medicaid are commonly accepted at local care facilities, so money doesn’t have to cause stress either. Also, payment plans and services offered on a sliding fee scale are sometimes offered to cash strapped patients.

Look into all of the program lengths to see which type of treatment plan fits best. In short, you have the resources to find the right help today.

Know Your Addiction Treatment Options

Patients that would prefer to stay near home for treatment will also be able to find solutions. In the same manner, we want to ensure that every patient finds the care that meets their needs. Being far from home may put stress on you during a time that should be focused on recovery. Therefore, if a local rehab center is in your best interest, reach out to us today and let us start your health on the road to recovery.

The Benefits of Staying Close to Home

A residential stay at a rehab facility allows you to focus full time on recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. In addition, being able to stay close to the friends and family reminds the patients of why they are seeking treatment, so recovering addicts will have a harder time giving up on the process. Being able to commute to treatment for part of the day, and spend the rest with your family or job, is crucial to many clients. Adding onto that, having the right support structures around you is a key part of not only getting, but staying clean. Above all, anyone in the state of Illinois struggling with addiction can have that support network by finding the best treatment today.

Recovering addicts find strength and community in their rehab centers, whether in a remote location or close by home. To help accomplish this, we will get you the right information on rehab centers in your area, as well as connect you to right services you need. Regardless of whether it’s the location, services, or costs that are important to you, we will help coordinate the right response to get you clean and sober again. To get things started, simply call 402-268-9960 to learn more about how to get sober.

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