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Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Naperville, IL

Naperville, IL is located about 28 miles away from Chicago and has grown to be the 4th largest city in the state of Illinois. Because of its close proximity to Chicago, it shares many of the same drug problems of the Windy City. For example, in Naperville they have a high opioid and heroin addiction rate. Many residents of this city struggle with drug addiction because of the easy access to neighboring cities and their illegal markets. Another issue that Naperville citizens face is the rise in mental disorders and their connection to substance abuse. In Chicago and its surrounding areas, mental illness has become an epidemic, and some will use drugs to self medicate in order to deal with their disorders.

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Along with opioids and heroin, the most common addiction in Naperville is alcohol. This is due to the social aspects of drinking which can lead to peer pressure to over-drink. And in Chicago, this social pressure starts at a young age. According to SAMHSA, 26.5% of persons aged 12 or older participated in binge alcohol use at least once during the past month . For many, this means that they are introduced to alcohol early, and can develop a serious and chronic addiction in their young adulthood. Fortunately, there are many choices of addiction treatment for the people of Naperville. 

Step Away From Your Addiction

For many people, addiction is not an isolated issue. Their family relationships, home, work, and social lives are weaved together along with their substance dependency. Therefore, it is commonly recommended that someone seeking help, travel away from their home town in order to get treatment.


The benefits of leaving Naperville for an addiction treatment may outweigh the addict’s desire to stay close to home. First, travelling, allows them more options for specialized treatment that they may not get locally. This can include co-treatment for mental health disorders and substance use. Since mental illness is a major issue in the greater Chicago area, finding services that can address it along with addiction recovery can be difficult. Most inpatient and outpatient facilities focus on the physical dependency, and can overlook some of the psychological factors. Therefore, broadening the horizon to centers that may be farther away, can give an addict the right path to sobriety.


Another benefit of travelling for addiction treatment is that it helps an addict escape from the pressures and temptations that lead them into a cycle of drug use. Stepping away from that situation into a treatment center gives them a fresh perspective and a judgement free zone. This encourages them to review their relationships and their cycle of use to hopefully gain a deeper understanding of themselves. Travelling also helps protect their privacy as the staff and other recovering patients will not know them personally. In addition, it makes it harder for an addiction to give up when things get tough, as they would have to find a way to get back home, and co-dependents are not as accessible. This almost forces them into continuing on, even though they may fight against the process.

One more major benefit of travelling is getting away from the available source of their drug of choice. Chicago and its surrounding areas have a high opioid drug trade, which could make it hard for someone who struggles with that type of drug. Opioids include prescription drugs such as oxycodone, hydrocodone, codeine, and morphine as well as heroin. These drugs are easy to access in Illinois, therefore, travelling out of state might be a good option. There may also be more affordable treatments for patients outside of the Chicago region, which is another factor to consider. No matter the drug or alcohol addiction, and the situation, there is help out there. We can guide you to the right program in any location that will provide you with a personalized plan. 

Addiction Treatment Options Are Available

Depending on your specific needs, there are dozens of options available in and around Naperville, IL. Make sure that the facility is accredited to treat people with drug addiction, and that they use evidence-based approaches to treatment. Within the city limits you’ll find both inpatient outpatient detoxification services. Detox, as it is commonly known, is the process in which your body clears out the harmful chemicals from drug use. Once an addict is clean the next step is rehabilitation. Outpatient rehab services are available in Naperville and can be either a short term intensive, or a standard 90-day plan. The rehab center you choose will have connections to aftercare services in the area. Naperville provides a wide variety of specialized treatments including ones for LGBTQ+, sexual abuse survivors, and domestic violence survivors.


However, there are some limitations to treatment options in Naperville. There are no hospital inpatient substance abuse treatment programs locally, and the closest is in Chicago, IL. Naperville also does not have short-term or long-term residential services, so you would need to travel to the neighboring city of Aurora for them. Payment assistance is not available in Naperville, however Medicare and Medicaid are both accepted. Don’t let this information deter you from seeking help. There are many rehab centers and treatments in the surrounding areas, and we can help you find 30-day, 60-day, or 90-day treatment programs.

The Advantage of Staying Close to Home for Addiction Treatment

While it is recommended to travel for treatment, we understand that some people cannot step away from their current responsibilities in order to get help with recovery. For those who are caretakers or parents, it can be nearly impossible to break away from their daily routine. However, addiction does not need to be part of their day-to-day lives. Fortunately for residents of Naperville, IL, they have many treatment services that are much closer to home. Outpatient facilities are more available within the city and offer a solution to those who need. For outpatient treatments, the recovering addict drives to the facility and participates in their therapies and medical sessions, but then returns home each night and on the weekends. Naperville has a few outpatient options that we can help you locate.


Some recovering alcoholics and addicts find that staying close to home can be better for them because of their support network. It is very important for someone in recovery to have a strong support system with their family and friends. If they stay at home during recovery, loved ones can participate in the process and even attend family counselling to better understand addiction and how to help. In addition, an addict is more likely to attend aftercare services if they are local and within reach.

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