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Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Peoria, IL

Peoria, IL is a very history-rich part of the state. The town was settled in 1690 by famous French explorer Henri de Toni. This old and historic city has had to face some more modern problems.

Alcohol and drug addiction are problems nationwide, but Peoria has specific individuals that need help. In particular, victims of meth, alcohol, or opioid addiction, there are resources in your community that can help.

Alcohol addiction is something that can reach anyone in our nation. People from poor, rich, old, or young demographics can be susceptible. 30% of high school students report having at least 1 alcoholic drink within the last 30 days. Many people, especially kids, learn unhealthy consumption patterns from those around them. As a result, alcohol remains the most abused substance in the state of Illinois.

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Alcohol is not the only deadly vice that persists in cities like Peoria. The rise of the opioid crisis across the United States has been observed in central Illinois. Surprisingly, nearly 80% of drug overdoses in Peoria involve opioids. The use of Fentanyl, a lab-created opioid has been on the rise statewide, including Peoria, where it rose 12.4% in 2018.

Whether alcohol or drugs have affected your life, help is in your reach by calling 402-267-9960 and starting over.

Stepping Away from Addiction

We want to help you keep the focus on overcoming addiction for all of the patients that we serve. It’s imperative that we set you up with the right substance abuse treatment center that fosters your recovery from drugs and alcohol. Maybe the existing rehab centers in Peoria are right for you, but maybe it’s good to step away from home for bit. Regardless, it’s good to know the benefits of traveling or staying close to home for rehab treatment.


Peoria possesses the option of several different rehab centers to choose from, but sometimes patients need rehab to get away from the sources of their addiction. The environments we surround ourselves in are sometimes the biggest factors of dangerous drug addiction. Therefore, traveling to a new town for a residential rehab stay keeps many addicts motivated to overcome their circumstances. Many people find it easy to keep their strength during addiction recovery by attending a remote rehab facility.

Some addiction services are in short supply in Peoria. Other specific services may be non-existent in the city at all. You may be in need of a particular service or type of substance abuse treatment that fits your lifestyle best. If so, then commuting to nearby Springfield or Chicago is an option to still receive the best possible care for your situation.

Rehab is a new chapter in your life, and emphasizing this helps keep you committed to the overall goal. Patients who choose residential programs outside their hometown are statistically more likely to complete their rehab stay. In other words, the peace of mind you get from getting away from home keeps the attention on your recovery.

There are many additional benefits of traveling to receive medical care, such as:

  • Traveling to receive better care in other areas
  • Keeps your identity and privacy safe
  • Time and space away from temptations to reuse
  • The traveling makes it harder to quit on your treatment program
  • A judgement-free zone of similar recovering addicts
  • Getting a new start in an unfamiliar location

If you are looking for more specialized services like domestic abuse or LGBTQ+ counseling, there are centers with these options on your area. In addition, aftercare programs like 12 step, among others, will usually be connected to you toward the end of your stay in rehab. An addiction expert can help you sort through all the info and find what is specifically best for you, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us at the number below.

Seeking Substance Abuse Treatment Nearby

There are several rehab centers within Peoria that can provide assistance for many types of addiction. However, more intensive or long-term services may not be offered in the area, so travel to other cities may be necessary. Whatever treatment you find; we are here to ensure it’s the best care available to you. Here is a brief description of some of the services you can or cannot find in Peoria, IL:

  • Several rehab centers offer inpatient detox and treatment locally
  • Peoria facilities offer outpatient detox and standard treatment
  • No long term residential care is in the city, but short term residential care is available
  • One facility offers intensive outpatient treatment


Many different substance abuse treatment and payment options exist, so look up if the center you want is accredited and uses evidence-based treatment methods. You can read more on 3060, and 90-day choices for treatment to decide what length of time is right for your rehab stay. Importantly, your rehab center can also show you aftercare services in your area. Remember that we are here to serve you and help you find the tools to help you for tomorrow.


Many patients don’t want to go through the hassle of moving into a long term residential facility, especially if it is far from family and friends. Conversely, other patients need to stay close by for work or family responsibilities. If you or someone you know may be in this category, then there are still local resources for addiction treatment. Since long term remote treatment is not for everyone, consider what the benefits are for treatment closer to home.

Find Substance Abuse Treatment Near You

Not all patients need or want a long term stay in a far away city. Above all, the focus is on getting sober, and nearby residential or outpatient treatment may be the solution. For patients who need partial care, increased length of time receiving outpatient care meant a higher likelihood of completing treatment.

Local outpatient plans give patients the flexibility to keep up with home, work, and their vital self-care. Getting assistance locally also means that patients are more likely to receive aftercare treatment like narcotics anonymous. Whatever your needs are, we can help you find the right substance abuse treatment center in your vicinity that gets you started on the road to recovery.


Whatever the needs are for getting you someone you know critical addiction care, we stand nearby ready to help. Distance from home can be a crucial factor for many people trying to stay clean. On the other hand, finances and other issues may matter more. Regardless, we can be you first step to getting sober. Call us at 402-267-9960 to talk about what treatment plan is right for you, and where you can receive the best possible care.

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