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Substance Addiction in Chicago, IL

Chicago is one of America’s most world famous cities. As the third largest city in the United States, the windy city has plenty to offer its residents and travelers. For example, the Chicago Cubs are an iconic Major League Baseball team playing out of Wrigley Field, one of the oldest sports stadiums still in continual use. Wrigley field first opened over a hundred years ago in 1914. Unfortunately, Chicago has a long history with much more than just sports. Alcohol and drug addiction have been a statewide problem for a long time. The difference between a hundred years ago and today is that victims of substance addiction have many more resources to use when trying to find treatment.

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Fentanyl, heroine, and many other synthetic pharmaceuticals have quickly risen in frequency and use in the city. In particular, the extremely deadly drug fentanyl has seen an uptick in drug busts, overdoses, and overall presence in the streets. Due to this, peaceful American neighborhoods have turned into shelters for victims of drug addiction. Between 2013 and 2017, the opioid crisis began to hit Chicago. As a result, opioid overdose rates skyrocketed. The numbers have recently began to improve as recently as two years ago, but the fight against the drug crisis in Chicago has not stopped.


Fighting back against the wave of opioid addiction in the state of Illinois means helping others fight back against their own individual addictions. Therefore, we are standing by to connect you to the resources you need to get sober. Whether you are looking for treatment in Chicago or somewhere else in Illinois, call us at 402-268-9960 and learn about what steps you can take to controlling your life again.

Traveling to Chicago for Substance Addiction Treatment

Focusing on recovery is hard, so knowing what type of treatment to choose can be equally as difficult. Generally, patients who want to get away from their usual temptations will pick a rehab center far away. On the other hand, clients who need to be treated close to home can pick a nearby center as well. Chicago is a gigantic area with many rehab services throughout, so both options are available to residents. Anyone going through the painful process of recovery should know what their options are.


Luckily, over a thousand different addiction treatment centers exist for Chicagoans to try and get sober at. This added amount of choice means that we can get you connected to the specific services you need. A rehab center across town can give you the peace of mind to get serious about recovery. At the same time, we can find another treatment center in the state of Illinois that you’re more comfortable with.

A lot of recovering addicts find benefit in the fact that they are far away from home when receiving treatment. Members of a residential rehab will find it hard to access the same group of friends or hangouts that sparked their addictions. As a result, it will be much harder to relapse into substance abuse when being treated outside your hometown. Addiction treatment centers want to provide safe and responsible environments for people to become healthy again.

Experiencing rehabilitation in a relaxing setting is a big piece of assistance for a patient in recovery. You will have plenty of time and spice for self-reflection and understanding, both about yourself and your addiction. Likewise, putting the effort of traveling into your rehab process pushes you to see the program through to completion. Therefore, a rehab center in the Chicago area will provide what you’re are looking for.


Many clients are looking for specific parts of a rehab experience. For example, certain patients might want to protect their privacy and be treated anonymously. This is one of the common benefits of traveling for addiction care, such as:

  • Getting a fresh start in a new town
  • Putting distance between you and what caused your addiction
  • Helps to protect your privacy
  • Quitting treatment early is more difficult with travel

Additionally, different types of specialized services are offered to those who qualify. Overcoming addiction requires a different solution for everyone, but we will still be here to walk you through your treatment plan one-by-one.

Finding Assistance in Your Area

Chicago, as one of the major hubs of the United States, contains a network of different services to help take care of your needs. In addition, we want to provide you with all the information to connect you to that network of special services, including aftercare treatments. With this in mind, here are some of the types of substance addiction treatment services you can find in the Chicago area:

  • Hospital inpatient programs for a live-in rehab experience with 24/7 care
  • Standard and intensive outpatient care is available for those who want only a limited amount of time per day receiving treatment
  • Full detoxification services
  • SAMSHA-certified opioid treatment programs


Many centers offer different types of payment options. For instance, Medicare and Medicaid may be able to help cover your treatment. If no other coverage options exist, you can always pay for rehab care on a payment assistance plan or a sliding fee scale. It’s also important to find a center that is nationally accredited and uses evidence-based methods to care for you.

Read about 30-day60-day, and 90-day treatment programs and see which length of time is right for you. Most importantly, alcohol and drug addiction doesn’t have to win, so know where you can get help in Chicago, Illinois today.


There are plenty of rehabilitation services in Chicago itself, so patients wanting a more local option can still find the right one. We want to make sure that distance is not going to be a problem for you. Above all, getting you connected to the right treatment is what we care about. If you want to create an agenda for improving your health, reach out to us and discuss your treatment preferences.

More Information About Chicago, IL

With a more local care center in mind, patients can make use of being nearby friends and family. A strong support group of loved ones gives addicts a constant reminder to keep going and finish their treatment. Also, patients who need specific services like detox may be geographically limited in their options. If you need to stay close to home for treatment, then your preferences will always come first. People who need substance addiction treatment in or around Chicago, IL can easily find the help they desperately need.


The facility itself is an important part in determining the right level of care and choice of treatment center. We want to make this process as easy as we can for you, so that you can spend more of your time and energy focusing on recovery. Everyone has different needs, so we can help find the right rehab for you, regardless of location. There are substance addiction professionals standing by ready to take your call. To get started on your plan to get clean, reach out to us at 402-268-9960 and see what you can do to improve your life today.

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