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Addiction Intervention

An addiction intervention is an educational process directed by a certified professional that results in a meeting for an individual in active addiction and his or her family members or friends in Aurora, IL. The meeting is held to present the struggling individual with an opportunity to receive treatment and support offered by the family members and friends, in addition to expressing their concerns. The chronic disorder of addiction is destructive to our health and overall life. Taking action by joining with family, friends and a specialist may save your loved one’s life.

A planned intervention serves as an opportunity to communicate with your loved one in Aurora, IL who is struggling with addiction. Interventions allow family members and friends to speak up with their concerns and offer their support. Overcoming addiction to drugs and alcohol is possible. However, when planning and hosting an intervention, you must express love and unconditional concern. For the most satisfactory outcome of having an intervention, we suggest using a certified professional. Professionals often lead the most successful interventions.

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Contacting a Specialist

Interventions that are held without an intervention specialist are common, however we recommend professional help. Certified intervention professionals have credentials critical for identifying an individual with extensive and high level training, backed with education, ethics and supervised experience. A certified interventionist’s purpose is to enable an individual in Aurora, IL pained by addiction and his or her family to wellness, by receiving treatment and entering into life in recovery. Intervention specialists provide support, guidance, education and training. Additionally, an interventionist offers services for the facilitation of an intervention as well as planning aftercare services.

Primary Objective of Interventions for people in Aurora, IL

Before you begin to plan an intervention, we strongly suggest that you schedule to meet with a certified interventionist. With professional assistance from an interventionist, the intervention will be carefully tailored to the individual in Aurora, IL being intervened. Interventions will regularly educate and refresh your memory on the facts of the chronic disorder. Addiction often times turns fatal and understanding the serious nature of the disorder is crucial.

Important factors in an intervention include: persisting with a positive attitude and upholding the primary objective. These factors are practically effortless when done and instructed by a skilled and trained interventionist. Interventions not held with a professional are often times unproductive and ineffective. Ineffective interventions are usually due to miscommunication between the individual living with addiction and the family. Given the serious nature of the gathering, the inability to regulate overwhelming emotions often leaves an individual feeling personally attacked. Addiction brings strong feelings of guilt, shame and vulnerability. When surrounded by his or her loved ones, it’s common for an approach to go wrong. With this in mind, bringing in the help of a certified professional interventionist is strongly suggested.

Plan an Intervention

Planning a professionally directed intervention has the potential to save your loved one’s life. Encouraging treatment services and healing from addiction is a power tool when communicated skillfully. Please contact our addiction specialists, they are available to answer your questions about receiving assistance with hosting an intervention in addition to detox, rehab, treatment and many other resources. Save a life and reach out now at 815-384-1376.

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